The Wall of Love



A great addition to any event/wedding

The Wall of Love uses your unique hashtag (#JohnAndJane2016) to gather all social media posts* from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook into a live slideshow shown at your event on a large projected screen.

It gets your guests more involved and can also show looks/angles that maybe your official photographer wouldn’t catch!  Much easier and more fun than repeating a slideshow of your childhood photos, right? At the end of your event you will get all photos delivered via email from DJ Reece.

What happens to the pictures after the event?

The pictures of course stay on online posted on their respective social networks, however, DJ Reece provides you a link to download all images at once to save.

Sample Wall of Love

clarityandclass1 clarityandclass2


Pricing & Other Information

The Wall of Love is included in the Diamond Package and can be added for an additional $100

A projector and projection screen of up to 120″ will show the slideshow of photos posted by your guests, in real-time, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

*only social media accounts that have public profiles will be displayed. no videos are displayed

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