The Uplight


Uplighting at Your Wedding

Uplighting is one of the biggest trends for weddings to set the mood or transform a venue.  “Uplights” are small lighting units that are placed on the floor around the perimeter of your venue.  The lights will illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling with colored light. Uplighting can be used to enhance
the whole reception and bring life to the room.  If you are thinking of adding spice and a personal touch to your wedding do not forget to add color. DJ Reece’s uplighting can be set for virtually any color as well as multi-color scenarios. The uplights are wireless and can be placed *virtually anywhere

Sample Photos

Uplighting Samples

Pricing & Other Information

Uplighting is already included exclusively in the Platinum and Diamond packages and can be added to any other package.

To see a menu of color options you can view the Uplighting Color Menu

-Uplights (Cost Per Uplight) = $40

-Uplights (QTY 10) = $375

-Uplights (QTY 20) = $750

-Uplights (QTY 40) = $1500

*uplights cannot be placed in around wet/humid/moist conditions

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